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Terms & Conditions

When you book your event with Madamme Social it is considered an acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Confirmed Booking
A legitimate reservation is one where the client has paid the deposit upfront which is 50% of the total bill. Madamme Social has the right to issue the date to another client if the booking is not secured by a deposit.

Confirmation of Details
If the number of guests changes 3 weeks before the event, the original quote may become invalid. If the quote is no longer valid, Madamme Social will issue another quote. All events are to be fully paid 14 days prior to the event. After this date, cutbacks on number of guests are not permitted. Staff may do a head count and if there are additional guests a fee will be charged to the client.

Deposits and Cancellations
The deposit paid to secure a booking is NOT refundable, if the Client cancels the event 10 days or less before the function date. The deposit will remain in credit for the client to use within 6 months from the initial function date.  Deposit may be forfeited if not used within 6 months from the initial event date. If cancellation is due to COVID client can choose another date and will not be charged.

Additional charges may be applicable if there are any changes to event details such as location,  guest numbers, event date and timings once booking has been made.

Responsible Service of Alcohol
Madamme Social is dedicated to responsible service of alcohol According to WA state laws. We will not serve alcohol to persons under 18 years of age or guests showing signs of intoxication. Madamme Social reserves the right to ask for a Proof of Age Card and to refuse service to any of the people mentioned above. At NO point in time during our service will we serve shots.

Safety of Staff
Madamme Social has the right to leave or stop serving at an event if we feel that our staff could be in danger. If this occurs, no payment or deposit is refundable.

Travel & delivery Costs
Travel / delivery costs will be applied on the invoice. If the Client changes venue, they will be informed of any changes in delivery fees if there is an increase in distance travelled to venue.

Paid Parking
It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure Madamme Social is reserved a parking spot for deliveries covering the time of the event or $30 fee will be included in the invoice to cover parking. 

Personal Information
Madamme Social will only collect and use personal information in the process of making a booking and only if required for the purposes of tailoring our services to meet the client’s needs for their event. Clients’ personal details will not be passed onto third parties or third party websites. Clients have a right to ask Madamme Social to not put their photos on the website or Facebook.
Same as Madamme Social can ask not to be tagged in inappropriate websites.